Changes to this toolkit for different users on a machine

Nov 1, 2011 at 7:51 PM

If there are more than one user for a machine using a Metro app, what should be changed to allow discrimination between the user tiles of the same metro application for each user?  

Any suggestions how the table store for this recipe should be changed?  

Perhaps, and add-on to the row key?  What can we use to distinguish between users on a machine so that there is no personally identifying information as part of the index?


Related problem

I ran into a problem publishing the same Metro app client to two different users from Visual Studio.   The installation was refused as the packages were identical.  I had to change the name of the application, but it defeats the purpose of the same metro app using the notification service tokens, but for different users.

Will this be different if the app is downloaded from the future store by different users on the same machine.  If it is OK, then the problem mentioned initially is still to be addressed.   How best to distinguish them at the Notification service table?