Using Web Platform Installer CmdLine

Mar 26, 2012 at 8:55 AM

Hello Everyone,

I apologize if this particular issue has already been discussed. 

First of all, awesome job with the dism scripts for enabling the Windows Features to automate the installation. Once the dism installations complete, the dependency checker starts up to verify whether other necessary microsoft products are installed like: Windows Azure SDK for .NET etc. 

It would be great if all those additional packages were also available as web platform installer "products" that we could script installation of using webpicmdine.exe ( For instance, I can install the "Windows Azure SDK for Node.js - February 2012" product by typing:

.\WebpiCmdLine.exe /Products:AzureNodePowershell /AcceptEula

Nice thing about webpicmdline is that it will not re-install if the product is already installed. Just thought it would be a great way to automate the entire installation w/o having to have any user interaction.