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Starting the Windows Metro Style App

1. Open Visual Studio 2011 and create a new JavaScript or C# "Notifications + Access Control" Application

Note: Note: You can use either Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview or Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows Developer Preview. In this step you can also create a C# "Notifications + Access Control Application".

2. Provide the package name given by the WNS and Live Connect portal, click Next.

Note: This package name must be from the same set where you used the Package SID and Client Secret for the ServerSide configuration wizard.

3. Uncheck the Use ACS Authentication option, click Next.

4. Provide the Registration endpoint url and an identifier for the device and the application, click Next.

5. After the solution has opened press F5.

6. In the client application, press Register. This will request a channel from WNS and submit it to your Windows Azure service running in your local Windows Azure Compute Emulator. In the Output section of the application, you will see that the Channel URI was sent successfully to your service.

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gorkar Apr 29, 2012 at 6:44 AM 
I tried creating a new project as per above instructions. I did not see the same screen as in step 4. I get a textbox only for Registration endpoint. The other two textboxes are missing. Can I deploy the Azure service application created in VS2010 to the cloud?